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Drone 4K High resolution Camera

$29.99 USD

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3840*2160 pixels
Produces high resolution pictures and videos
Night vision mode



It automatically recognises sleep status. Recording hours of sleep and quality, giving you helpful data to see if you're getting enough sleep to support your daily routine.


This advanced method accurately records your heart rate using green lights which are absorbed by blood. The light flashes hundreds of times per second picking up on blood flow spikes that each pulse brings.

ACTIVITY tracker

Tracking steps, distance and burnt calories you can compare daily activities and different days of data to see when and where you got the best results. Challenge yourself to beat yesterday's step count.


✅24 hour heart beat and blood pressure monitor

✅Slim and lightweight

✅Sedentary alerting that can be set up

✅Anti-lost feature that helps to locate your phone

✅Cable free chargingProvides detailed sports reports daily

✅Call and message alerts that vibrateOn the go calorie counting

✅LED screen

How can we help?


Sleep data is not showing up or is inaccurate

(1) Please wear the tracker while you are sleeping in order to have sleep data.
(2) Sleep data is estimated by primarily movement. When you have laid down for sleep, the tracker will take approximately an hour to assume that you have gone to sleep.
(3) Please note, these circumstances will negatively impact the tracker's ability to estimate your sleep habits:
If you are particularly active during sleep, such as tossing or turning.
If you have been diagnosed of a disorder that might affect your sleep patterns.
If you are getting up multiple times a night.

Wrist sense is not responsive. Why is that?

We have designed the watch so that it will display upon a slight flick of the wrist, as this action is used less commonly used in daily habits. The tracker may take a second or two to light up the screen as well.

How do call alerts work?

You would need to be within Bluetooth range of the phone in order to receive any notifications.
When you are receiving a call, the tracker will display the number of the caller as well as the caller's name if it is saved in your contacts list. You have the option to
refuse a call on the watch.

Heart rate monitor is not reading well. What might be affecting it?

Things that could affect the tracker's ability to read heart rate include skin complexion, hair, tattoos, scaring, wearing the tracker too tightly or loosely,
clenching arm or fist, and sweat.
This tracker is meant to be used for general purpose and is not intended to offer data viable for medical use.
This tracker is accurate within +/- 20 bpm.

Can the vibrations be modified on the watch?

There are no changes in the intensity or number of vibrations for any alerts or notifications on the watch.